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Project: Hypermart | Hypermart Lippo Karawaci Utara, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

Featured member:

Design: rkd retail/iQ

Size: 66,250 sf

Completion: January 2015

Photography:  rkd retail/iQ/Pruk Dejkhamhang


NEW WORLDS ARE DEFINED IN VIVID DETAIL THROUGH GRAPHICS AND COLORATION. Bold communication in eye-popping hues is among numerous features that emphasize categories and merchandise in a meaningful way inside this flagship store's large space. The combination of oversized, dramatic architectural elements and abundant ceiling height also creates clear focal points to define these world categories. Adding extra flair are oversized, internally illuminated light boxes placed in strategic locations.

The clear orientation of the front line, mid-floor, and perimeter fixtures creates an ideal visual reference from the main aisles. Dominant promotion presentations on endcaps and mid-aisle platforms communicate price in a style that's organized and compelling. The graphics and coloration further enhance the project by reaching out to customers searching for value and solutions — not just low prices.