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  • Wm. Prager Ltd.

    New Tetro Cube risers are available in seven interlocking shapes in any color. Optional clear plexi inserts fit flush with tops or bottoms to merchandise small goods.
  • Walls + Forms

    The slim-line gondola offers integrated wire management, modular design with minimal parts, and lightweight metal construction. Not shown: Display fixtures for kitchen & bath showrooms enable you to change a faucet or entire display focus with ease.

    With FAST UV-cure finishing, it's 20 minutes from raw MDF to ready-to-ship powdercoated part. In-house custom color can be matched to any standard: RAL, Pantone, or other. Seamless finishing provides design freedom and durability. The coating contains no solvents or VOCs; it is 100% recycled, and SFI-certified MDF complies with CARB requirements.
  • Trion Industries

    Trion offers a variety of options to maximize the display of Pouch Packaging in all types of display settings. With growth in the water flavorings and enhancers category, Trion also offers display solutions for these products.
  • Touchpoint World Wide

    The company’s new interactive technology is a twist on original custom retail environments. Touchpoint, a U.S.-based company with multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide, is a complete solutions firm, whether for one fixture or the entire store environment.
  • Tensator Inc

    The interactive, next-generation Virtual Assistant digital signage features push-button interactivity; technology projects an image to create the illusion of a real person delivering multilingual informative messaging and promotional branding. The In-Line Greeter, a mobile, personalized virtual queue management greeter application for mobile devices, enables store associates to engage with customers the minute they enter the store.
  • TAJ Flooring

    New larger-format LVT products come in tile, slab, and plank formats. In addition, new loose-lay flooring is designed for fast installation, temporary flooring, or encapsulation of old flooring. All products are designed for high-traffic areas and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Super Color Digital

    The PRO Light box can be programmed to change to any hue for any given duration of time. It also can be shaped into any mold and size. For new marketing strategies, you can ship the light box back to Super Color Digital and redesign the aesthetic.
  • Stylmark Inc.

    Optima LED StretchLite with Perimeter Lighting expands the offerings of the Optima LED StretchLite family with an economical perimeter lighting option, providing the same lighting effects as conventional backlit boxes. It can be integrated with other Stylmark fixtures, such as shelving or freestanding displays, to create an attractive merchandising display. It is particularly well suited for large-format graphics.
  • Schioppa Casters & Wheels

    Schioppa North America is a full-line caster manufacturer offering a complete selection of casters and wheels for the retail environments industry.
  • LSI Floors

    This new design was inspired by nature and captured by the lens of an intuitive photographer. LSI invites you to experience the illusion of photo imaging technology transformed into high-performance vinyl flooring
  • JH&A Store Fixtures

    The rolling barge, a jumbo 3-foot-by-8-foot rolling fixture, is perfect for seasonal, feature, and even clearance goods. The rolling barge is equipped with shelves and hang bars, and will accept most gondola and slatwall fixtures, including hooks.
  • Kin-Lai Store Fixtures

    The Nanometer Spray Plating uses a water-based solution with no heavy metal pollution, while identical in look to traditional plated finishes. The solution handles like regular spray paint and needs no underlaying plating. Any color is achievable, and Nanometer Spray Plating is climate- and water-resistant.
  • American Renolit Corp.

    RENOLIT Woodstock Ocean Drive is a heavily textured wood plastic composite surface with a 3D quality suitable for ceiling and wall panels. Free of halogen compounds or plasticizers, it is backed with a non-woven fabric allowing for various adhesive systems. It is lightweight and appropriate for surface lamination of various wood-based materials.
  • Plastic Displays & Fixtures Co. Inc.

    The company specializes in custom plastic fabrications—designing, manufacturing, and distributing sign holders, literature holders, and fixtures for retail, marketing, grocery, packaging, printing, advertising, restaurant, hospital, drug, and convenience store industries.
  • Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc.

    The partnership between Pipp and IRSG offers backroom solutions from one vendor. Pipp's mobile storage and line of accessories maintain an efficient, well-organized backroom while maximizing storage potential. IRSG's transport and processing solutions streamline the way merchandise is processed and cycled from the back door to the sales floor.
  • Phillips Collection

    Phillips Collection brings furniture, accessories, lighting, wall decor, and sculpture to the visual merchandising arena. The company’s specialty is organic, contemporary designs, metallic leaf, and precious and recycled materials. The Bicycle Rims Collection includes room dividers, large-scale wall panels, seating, and tables.
  • OPTO International Inc.

    Snap! is the company’s patent-pending display system for temporary merchandising and retailing opportunities. Snap! is suited for events, holidays, or seasonal opportunities. The system is reusable and can be assembled with no tools.
  • Newood Display Fixture Mfg. Co.

    Available in several species including pine, oak, maple, and hemlock, the solid wood slatwall is stronger than traditional MDF-core slatwall, the company says. Matching wall cabinet systems, floor fixtures, and cashwraps are also available. Newood also manufactures backroom/stockroom shelving, P-O-P displays, and visual merchandising
  • Modern Store Fixtures Inc.

    The new plastic profile extrusions, shelves, ribbon/tape trays, displays, waterfall systems, bulk bins, organizers, vases/flag holders, fencing and divider systems, channel systems, and tag holders are designed to enhance the visual merchandising experience. Modern Store Fixtures offers 100% American-made products.
  • M.E.G. LLC

    M.E.G. manufactures stockroom shelving systems, including a mobile shelving system equipped with an In-Aisle Stowable Ladder. M.E.G. supports its product lines with a full range of value-added services including floor plans, takeoffs, installation, consolidation, fixture refurbishment, warehousing, traffic management, and prototyping.
  • Kirei USA

    The Versatile EchoPanel acoustic panels and tiles add color and style to spaces while quieting rooms by controlling sound reflection. EchoPanel panels and tiles are manufactured using recycled PET plastic bottles, eco-friendly dyes, and no added adhesive, resulting in a Green Tag-certified product that can help gain LEED green building credits with almost no VOC emissions.
  • IMGR America

    Change an entire store layout overnight with FOURMI, a skate system for moving loaded store fixtures. The smallest FOURMI kit weighs 29 pounds and can be easily carried around any store. The skate systems are universal to work with all POS displays: shelving units, refrigeration cases, counters, and various store fixtures.
  • Firefly Store Solutions

    Through an exclusive coloring process, the Custom Color Collection (C3) provides a spectrum of colors for apparel racks, form bases, and mannequins. No minimums are required—whether one mannequin or 100, you can mix and match the products and colors
  • Jesco Lighting Group

    The SG-LED and SGA-LED are new LED versions of Jesco’s award-winning, linkable Sleek Plus Mini Fluorescent interior lights. The lights mount in applications designed for electrical-contractor installation under cabinets, counters, and shelves. Variable fixture lengths provide enhanced, discreet lighting for showrooms and museum-like retail settings. They can also be used in natural or manufactured indoor coves.
  • Intelligent Loss Prevention

    J-Plug is a new type of display security featuring a pin that secures into any product with a standard 3.5mm audio socket. This serves as one solution for consumer electronics.
  • IMEX Packaging

    IMEX supplies quality flexible packaging for multiple uses including retail packaging, high-end shopping totes, clear stadium bags, garment bags, kit bags, clear security purses, and more.
  • Holiday Image

    This full-service, design-driven company provides custom holiday decor programs and seasonal visual displays for regional malls, flagship stores, national retailers, hotels, and office building lobbies. As a global design, development, and sourcing firm, the company manages the process of designing, manufacturing, distributing, and installing visual display programs.
  • Holiday Foliage

    The Rainier and Teton Pine Tree collections offer a natural presentation at Christmas. Shown on natural wood spools with galvanized band accents, this tree collection can be custom-made in any size. Image in folder
  • Hi-Impact Products

    Hi-Impact Hang Tabs, the company’s latest tabs, are now even more economical and faster to use, with patented material-saving designs and patented holding power. The company also offers new versions of its patented Miracle-Sticks Signage Tabs, which eliminate messy taping of in-store signage and P-O-P.
  • Hera Lighting

    The new ELite-LED is a cost-effective way to upgrade existing fluorescent fixtures to the latest in LED lighting. With the same light output as a T5 fluorescent, LED uses less power and has almost twice the lifetime. ELite-LED is available in five sizes and lasts for 50,000 hours.
  • HD Walls

    This custom digital and gravure printer specializes in crafted wallcoverings and design. HD Walls provides complete service for concept, design, production, and installation of custom graphics for walls, ceilings, and windows. Size, color, and base materials can be customized.
  • Frank Mayer and Associates Inc.

    The company designs, engineers, prototypes, and produces retail merchandising displays, interactive programs, kiosks, and store fixtures for the retail environment. The company’s products focus on engaging the consumer with solutions that maximize client objectives and increase sales.
  • FFR Merchandising Inc.

    The Total Retail Solutions Catalog features over 350 new products and more than 4,000 stock products. These products include merchandising and loss prevention systems, sign and literature holders, product merchandisers and display components, fresh area merchandising products, supplies, and backroom organization solutions.
  • Earthwerks

    Aurora Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl plank flooring offers some advantages to traditional types of flooring. Installation time is about half that required by other flooring types, according to the company. The flooring also requires less prep and less cleanup, is simple to maintain, and can be easily removed and reused elsewhere
  • DSA Phototech

    The new magnetic-face LED light box features a flush-front frameless magnetic face for a sleek look for boutiques and other upscale interiors. Graphic changes are easy, requiring only a suction cup. The light box is available in sizes up to 72 inches by 120 inches, is UL-listed, and made in the U.S.
  • Drytac Corp.

    ViziPrint Impress is a new solution for the window graphics market, including window decals, advertising, signage, and decor applications. Specifically designed for dry installation of graphics on glass surfaces, its proprietary suction technology leaves no residue behind, eliminates bubbling, and is unaffected by moisture. The clear PET film has high dimensional stability, scratch resistance, ideal print quality, and easy application and removal.
  • DLC Inc.

    The color-changing DLC - LumiSheet light panel and LumiStick light bar enables manual or automatic adjustment of the Kelvin color (3000K to 6500K) and brightness of DLC variable white LED products with the use of a custom-engineered CCT controller. Image in folder
  • Dana Industries

    With the increased use of smartphones while shopping, the potential to grab customers’ attention is enormous. The iQtalker Smart Signage for Smart Shoppers is designed to increase sales and improve the in-store experience for customers by offering content on customers’ phones immediately. Image in folder
  • Cubic Visual Systems

    Trax EH is a low-voltage electrified profile designed for powering electronic devices. With multiple shelving and merchandising options, this horizontal display system directly illuminates the product from the shelf above. No more dark zones on lower shelves. Installation is easy.
  • Connect Oasis

    This retail technology and service company helps retail teams achieve greater visibility and intelligence to assets and activities in-store. Site-Intel is a powerful cloud-based application that consolidates data from multiple sources to the cloud. Among the features of this platform is the ability to extract and convert data from AutoCAD files into searchable text. Site-Specs is a multi-stage project visibility application.
  • Christine Taylor Collection

    CTC designs, develops, and produces props, fixtures, custom decor, and seasonal trim. Services include design, project management, product development, engineering, production, quality assurance, secure packaging and logistics, global distribution, and implementation. CTC offers a variety of materials and fabrication combinations for custom design.
  • Champion Logistics Group

    Champion’s display division is dedicated to the distribution of display rollouts, store fixtures, signage, point-of-sale material, or any other commodity requiring special coordination. As a single source for logistic services, Champion works with clients to coordinate the retrieval of vendor components, completes the fulfillment/pack-out, and completes time-definite distribution into numerous store locations.
  • Beta-Calco

    XACARA’s design features contemporary elegance and technological functionality, combining the higher efficacy, lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the light output levels of conventional lighting sources. XACARA is energy-efficient, achieving up to 90 CRI system efficacy. According to the company, lighting system wattage is lower with XACARA luminaires when compared to similar halogen, CFL, or metal-halide luminaires. Various controls such as dimming and occupancy sensors can add additional efficiency
  • AWG Logistics

    AWG Logistics provides solutions for transportation, warehousing and distribution. The logistics company works with clients on retail fixture rollout
  • ATI Decorative Laminates

    NuMetal is a line of HPLs with a thin layer of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel and a phenolic paper backing. This new pattern combines the coolness of metal with the warmth of a wood grain.
  • American Silkx

    Sensuede is a high-performance, luxury fabric that enhances retail environments. Applications range from wall panels and displays to furniture and wallcovering.
  • American Music Environments

    The AME-2020V digital media system provides totally customized music, video, and signage in a single package. The system holds thousands of audio, video, and media items. A single receiver generates up to four unique programs. The AME Video system outputs SD, HD, and full fidelity audio. Secure internet remote control allows easy custom programming at any number of locations. Screen layout, content, and local real-time input can be commanded remotely.
  • Adams Magnetic Products

    The wide-format, ultra-thin MAGBOND comes with a PET laminate that can be used with UV and Latex Ink printers. This material can be printed as an ad or message and easily changed out and replaced for graphics. MAGBOND is available in up to 50-in. widths and can be layered for up to four graphic overlays on top of the magnet.
  • ABET Inc.

    Kaleidos high-pressure laminate (HPL) patterns provide holograph-like shine. As the patterns reflect light, they exhibit a kaleidoscope of colors. The special effect is created by a unique film, a proprietary overlay. Sparkles, Shards, Crystal, and Lens are offered in white, taupe, gray, and black. Image in folder
  • Aire-Ride Transfer Inc.

    Aire-Ride Transfer provides complete transportation and logistical services to the retail fixture industry, including nationwide transportation of blanket-wrapped store fixtures. The company manages client logistical needs, specializing in rollouts, inside deliveries, warehousing, and inventory management of imported fixtures
  • Connect Oasis

    This retail technology and service company helps retail teams achieve greater visibility and intelligence to assets and activities in-store. Site Intel is a powerful cloud-based application that consolidates data from multiple sources to the cloud. It can extract and convert data from AutoCAD files into searchable text.
  • Dana Industries Inc.

    With the increased use of smartphones while shopping, the potential to grab customers’ attention is enormous. The iQtalker Smart Signage for Smart Shoppers is designed to increase sales and improve the in-store experience for customers by offering content on customers’ phones immediately.
  • Visual Citi

    This full-service signage, printing, and fabrication company specializes in fabrication. The company works with acrylic, wood, foam, vinyl, metal, lamination, laser cutting, and routing. Visual Citi also offers printing capabilities, including large-format printing, flatbed printing, and silk screening.

A.R.E. members unveiled a plethora of new products at GlobalShop, held March 18-20 in Las Vegas. Didn’t have time to peruse all the aisles? Retail Environments magazine previewed them for you. Here’s a sampling of the newest products and services.