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Design: Ruscio Studio

Materials: Uniboard Canada, McNichols Co.

Size: 10,000 sf

Completion: September 2014




IDEAS ABOUND AND SURROUND in this immersive atmosphere of infinite inspirations created by vignettes and design elements. At the center, an 18-ft.-tall replica of Michelangelo's David covered in over 376,000 tiny, hand-applied gradient tone mosaic tiles provides a striking visual introduction. The statue is also a branding tool, serving as a reminder that most of the products originate from Italy.

Displays showing an array of applications highlight specific products and categories. From unexpected to eye-popping, the concept encourages browsing and sparks the imagination:
  • Gray-toned 12-in.-by-42-in. tiles overlap on a giant angular wall.
  • The latest tile collections cover client stations.
  • Icons on products describe attributes such as anti-slip and durability.
  • Glow-in-the-dark iridescent mosaic tiles blanket resource room tables.
  • Recycled pallet wood strips serve as a wall finish in the liquidation area.

An 80-ft. custom glass mosaic floor strip features thousands of mini glass tiles replicating white daisies on a bright orange background. Custom fixtures designed for each category in varying heights and sizes entice exploration. Five unique washrooms include an exclusive Roberto Cavalli master bath.

Various spaces accommodate differing needs of customers, such a side entrance for "dirty-booted" contractors. Four workstations spread throughout the showroom allow residential customers to comfortably review samples with decorators.

Most of the tile samples are mounted on a cleat panel system, easily installed on floor and wall displays. Concealed castors and custom hardware allow the "slider" to function with grace. Double-sided, angled panels form a wedge to allow easy viewing, even when wedges are fully retracted. Printed directly on the protruded acrylic panel, the visual is a 3D, sharp, glossy image.