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Ampersand Studio Inc. consultant, design, in-store graphics, in-store signage, millwork, project management

Size: 8,500 sf

Completion: September 2015


BY UTILIZING A THEATRICAL APPROACH, THIS DESIGN LETS FOOD TAKE ON STARRING ROLES with its personality-driven shop-in-shop look. Clean sightlines and custom lighting assist in creating distinctive product destinations. Simple, unique, and whimsical wayfinding elements are engaging and playful.

Ampersand has been spearheading the brand transformation of The Market by Longo's for the past two years. Urban densification in downtown Toronto led the client to refresh its small urban-format stores, according to the Toronto-based design firm.

"Our goal was to create unique integrated communication and wayfinding that is in sync with the design intent of the interior, as well as the branding which is all about authenticity and an honest experience," states Ampersand Studio.

Fresh produce, placed front and center, plays the "hero." Other highlights include an oversized red corporate color arrow wrapping under the marble soffit, displaying the full shop offering. Original hand-drawn illustrations of food by a local artist further communicate offerings, while injecting a creative spirit into the space. Street signs provide easy navigation and entice shoppers to venture deeper into the store.

Many original elements and finishes pay homage to the existing site. A custom-design window display with vintage images of the neighborhood also acknowledges locality and the building's heritage.