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Jump Branding & Design design

Shaw Contract flooring

Size: 2,500 sf

Completion: May 2015

Photography: David Whittaker



AN OASIS OF CULTURE, COMFORT, AND SOPHISTICATION REVOLVE AROUND FLAVORS OF THE MIDDLE EAST at this casual restaurant situated in Toronto's affluent Yorkville neighborhood. The combination of character, branding, and style play a strong role throughout the entire design.

Elevating the brand experience to suit the upscale surroundings, the project is given an elegant, crafted feel through the use of walnut wood panels, Alabaster tiles, decorative chandeliers, gold fixtures, bronze detailing, and metallic handblown tile. The natural walnut panels bring warmth in contrast to the gray and white marbles. Showcasing the kitchen, including the hibachi-style grill for the skewers, pizza/bread oven, shawarma, and fresh toppings highlight freshness and quality.

Middle Eastern architectural detailing through arches and vaulted ceilings, lighting from Egypt, and custom graphics adds authenticity. Multiple archways creating smaller spaces denote classic Middle East references, but with a contemporary edge.

Other elements include:
  • Hard flooring tile, giving the appearance of carpet.
  • Waterfall — common to all locations — doubling as an iconic branding feature and a dividing wall to provide more intimacy from the kitchen and cue-line space.
  • Chandelier above the sweets counter creating a signature, focal point piece.
  • Bronze metal beads serving as visual dividers, creating intimacy and defining smaller dining sections.

Combining two retail stores into a single restaurant brought several challenges too. Of the original two entrances, one larger entry door was installed. The second entrance was removed and replaced with a glazing panel. Being on the ground floor of a condominium, materials and textures were used to blend massive columns into the restaurant design. Due to the small confines, condensing the kitchen and sourcing smaller equipment allow for more seating.