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JGA store design

Lab Designs Laminate laminates

OPTO International Inc. modular display

Wilsonart laminates

Size: 6,200 sf

Completion: February 2016



THIS HUGE PILLOW BAR MAKES A BIG IMPACT by educating customers and elevating the overall shopping experience. By focusing on an item that has more frequent purchase rates than a mattress, the store beat its first-year operating projections for sales and traffic in less than nine months of opening.

The Milwaukee, WI-based sleep products company started in 1958 and has 37 stores in seven states. The newly-constructed Wauwatosa store, inside a retail-dining-entertainment destination, offers a slightly larger footprint than the company's previous locations. It is the first store to offer the bar, billed as "the world's largest pillow wall."

The head-turning wall both increases awareness of the sleep process and spotlights the company's selection of over 80 different pillow types. The store's perfect melding of music, lighting, and colors — enveloped by the regularly diffused scent of chamomile into the air — also assist in boosting confidence, understanding, and enjoyment of the brand. A hospitality area adds a welcoming, homey touch.

Mattress collections are organized on the sales floor in pod groupings. Icons mounted to the mattress pods clearly identify sleep comfort needs in an easily navigable layout that let guests find their perfect fit. "Sleepography" quizzes on iPads further help customers with options and choices.